How can I tell if a listing is legitimate?

Finding a new home to rent can be a stressful experience - made worse by people who try to take advantage of applicants through rental scams.

Important:  Similar to how anyone can sell anything on eBay - anyone can list a property on Rentora. This enables landlords and estate agents to list their properties quickly and efficiently. However (again, when using eBay), this means you should exercise caution.

While the chances of encountering an illegitimate listing are low, and we employ several layers of fraud detection in place to stop fraudulent listings - we encourage you to protect yourself.
View the property before sending any money

Do not send any money before viewing the property. Even landlords who live far away from the property will have a local contact who can show the property on their behalf.

Don't be pressured

Often, fraudsters will create a sense of urgency by stating they've received a lot of interest in the property and you should transfer some money to them to secure the property.

Too good to be true

Fraudsters will post listings of beautiful homes in prime locations, and massively undercut neighbouring properties in an attempt to lure as many applicants as possible into their scams.

If the rent seems to low to be true, or the property seems like too good a deal - it probably is.

Trust your gut

In addition to pressure to act quickly - spelling errors, excessive grammar, elaborate excuses and unreasonably forward requests for money are all red flags. If you feel uneasy about a landlord, err on the side of caution.

Be wary of making payments outside of Rentora

To accept payments through Rentora, landlords have to pass an in-depth verification process. To avoid this process, scammers posing as landlords will try to pressure you into sending money to them outside of Rentora (i.e. via bank transfer).

We advise that you do not send any money outside of Rentora.

Let us know

If you believe a property listed on Rentora is a scam, please report it to us at

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